It started off as an afternoon of bubbles and giggles, as we played outside on a refreshingly warm afternoon.

I decided to grab the camera and try to capture "a moment" while the bubbly ladies filled the sky (and ground!) with bubbles.
Here's one moment that I love...
Can you hear the laughter, the silliness that the bubbles brought about? It was contageous and wonderful!

And finally, this shot which captures a fleeting moment in the life of a bubble. How similar childhood is at least to us parents. It's here for a short time, very fragile and beautiful and our little bubbles are refracting the things we teach them. Then, all too quickly... pop, those little bubbles are gone and our children are grown!
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  1. I love the laughing picture! It is contagious!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, bubbles! Those make for some great moments. And I love the metaphor for our children growing up. So true.

  3. Nice! You can't beat bubbles and giggles!

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