This is a long post full of pictures. I hope that doesn't annoy anyone! I'm going to walk you through each step of the party, focusing on the activities, games and food.

When each child arrived, they came into the kitchen to decorate a magic wand. In our party prep, we created the wands using 6mm thick white fun foam and dowel rods. I traced our cookie cutter star shape onto the foam and Chip cut them out. He cut each dowel rod into 11 inch segments and sanded them so they were splinter-free. He then cut a small slit into each star and glued the dowel into the star. When the girls arrived, the wands were ready to be decorated.

This is the table with all the wand decorating materials ready to go. We used glitter glue, tulle and curling ribbon to decorate them.

The only downside of this activity was that even though it was our first activity, the glue did not dry enough during the 2 hour party. Our wands took almost 5 hours to dry!

While those that were slower artists finished their wands, the other children colored this mosiac Tinkerbell coloring page from Crayola. We made sure to have at least two of each color listed!

Next we moved into the living room to play two classic party games that Bug wanted to play. We dropped clothes pins into jars and tried to figure out which of the four containers was the easiest to get them into. Most of them agreed that it was much easier to get it to fall into the pink bucket than into the small mouthed mason jar!

We also played a variation on the Bozo buckets game, where you stand in front of a line of buckets and try to throw a small ball into each bucket consecutively. The girls seemed to enjoy playing the retro games. Simple, fun entertainment!

Next we had a quick briefing about fairies. We brainstormed what we knew about them. Some of the ideas were: they fly, have fairy dust, they use wands, they're small, they enjoy playing pranks, collect treasures. I then told them that Tink and her friends had hidden some treasures in our basement for the girls to find. They each got a small bag to collect their treasures.

The hidden treasure was gold coins and some gems from Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby. (I was going to use gold coin chocolates but there were none to be found - at least not at a reasonable price) Some were hidden in plain sight and others were gently tucked into the toy shelves and on top of the air hockey table.

When we'd found all the treasure, we came back upstairs and played Fairy Bingo.

I used free clip art images and downloads from Disney's Fairy site to create 8 different cards. We didn't call row by row but rather by image name. So Boo would say, green leaf and if you had a green leaf on your card (they all did), you covered it. We used some fun foam stars as our bingo chips.

We played until everyone had a bingo. As they bingo-ed, they got two pixy stix!

Our final project was to make pretzel wands. Each girl was given three pretzels to dip and coat with melted candy. We used purple and colorburst brights candy melts by Wilton. Once they had their pretzels coated, Grandpa E came and helped each girl sprinkle "fairy dust" (aka colored sugar crystals and sprinkles) on their wands.

While the girls were eating, I packaged up their pretzel wands in a large candy bag for them to take home.

Speaking of eating, our party was an early afternoon party so I didn't need to feed the kids too much. For our spread, we had three colors/flavors of finger jello cut into fun shapes with our Pampered Chef creative cutters, Keebler Flipsides Cheddar Pretzel crackers, and fruit skewers.

My girls and their grandpa whipped up the fruit skewers, which we anchored in a small mixing bowl with clear marbles. It was a nice healthy option containing grapes, oranges, pineapple, and apples. It was supposed to have bananas too but we forgot that we'd put them on top of the fridge so we'd have more counter space. We had pink lemonade and pixy punch (Sprite and rainbow sherbet) for our drinks.

The night before the party, my mother and I made and decorated the cake. Bug had some ideas of what she liked and I tried to incorporate several of the things she liked about various cakes she'd seen into one fun cake. We used two boxes of cake mix (one chocolate for the bottom and a lemon cake for the dome). We began decorating at about 8pm and finished around 11pm. Mom made the frosting from scratch and we used Wilton tips to pipe the ivy, flowers and sun rays. The fairies were purchased as a set from the Disney Store. It was a difficult cake to photograph since each fairy had it's own area.

Here's Silvermist, the water fairy. She had the blue quadrant which we decorated to look like water.

This is Rosetta, a garden fairy. Her area was decorated to look a bit like a flower garden full of roses.

This is Iridessa, a light fairy. Her quadrant is decorated in yellow shades with rays to represent the sun.

Fawn is an animal fairy. We chose a brown color with piped leaves to represent the forest area where many animals live.

Tink was perched on top of the cake on a dome representing the beauty of Neverland and Pixie Hallow. The dome is decorated with vines, leaves and flowers. This is the front view of the cake.

Here's the back view. It was pretty fun as every party attender had a fairy looking at her while Bug blew out her candle!

After snacks and cake, we opened presents and Boo read a story about Tinkerbell to everyone. Then it was time to go home.

I think Bug had a great time! The expression on her face during her party made it well worth the effort to put it all together.
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