In case you were wondering, these are the recipes I prepared for the Superbowl party this evening.

I made Bakerella's Peach Crunch Cake - super easy and pretty good! I think I prefer an oatmeal based peach crisp but this was tasty and pretty quick to make. This picture doesn't do it justice but I didn't get a great photo so hop over to Bakerella's site to see better (and much more appetizing) photos!

Last fall, after reading many great reviews, I bookmarked a recipe on Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site to make for New Years. Well, one sick child later, I didn't get around to making it then. This was the next big party so I tried Wendy Darlings' Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bites.
I didn't get any pictures before they were gone during the 3rd quarter! They got great reviews from everyone there.
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