Not much to post about today. It was again supposed to be South African day but after working for about 7 hours at a children's clothing resale, I was pooped and starving when I got home so I opted for the significantly quicker Russian dinner. We had Макароны по флотски (pronounced Makaroni Po-Flotski) which translates into roughly Sailor's macaroni. Apparently it was a staple for those at home to quickly prepare when a ship came into harbor. Thus, it's very simple and made from things you generally have on hand. The original recipe is here.

To make Макароны по флотски, you need:
1/2 box of tubular pasta (we used mostacolli)
1 lb ground beef
1 small onion chopped
salt & pepper

Brown meat and onion together while pasta is cooking. When pasta is done to taste and meat is browned, drain the pasta and mix them together.

That's it.

We served it with peas. I actually enjoyed mixing the peas in for a little more flavor.

The verdict: It was like spaghetti with meat sauce minus the sauce. Not bad, but a bit greasy. Everyone ate it without complaint.

P.S. Barring unforseen difficulties, we will celebrate South Africa day tomorrow, the last of our Olympic days.
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    Sending you a little extra energy for tomorrow's big South Africa festivities! =>

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