I saw these "Sweetheart Roses" in Family Fun magazine a few years ago and clipped the picture for future reference. I came across the photo last week and decided these would be wonderful as appreciation gifts for the people who work at my church. I gathered up the supplies but ran into a problem trying to find pink plastic wrap. After many phone calls, several stops at hobby, grocery and party stores, I ended up getting pink cellophane instead.

Here's how I did it.
You need:
2 Hershey's kisses for every flower you want to make
green tissue paper
clear tape
green chenille pipe cleaner

First, tape the two kisses together, bottom to bottom.

Cut an approximately 5x5 piece of cellophane and place the kisses in one corner. Slowly roll them 1/2 a roll.
After the 1/2 roll, fold in the top edge of the cellophane. Roll another 1/2 turn and fold in again. Then roll the kisses until you are out of cellophane.

Once rolled, twist the bottom of the cellophane and secure it with a small piece of tape.

Cut a strip of green tissue paper and fold the sides in slightly to create a leaf shape.

Wrap the tissue paper around the twisted bottom of the cellophane. Put the leaf part where you'd like it.

Wrap the pipe cleaner tightly around the base of the rose, across the tissue paper. Wrap it around the base of your leaf, continuing to wrap about 2 more times around after the leaf.

Fold the bottom of the pipe cleaner up and tuck it under the last wrapped loop of the pipe cleaner.

Twist the pipe cleaner together the rest of the way down.

That's it! You've got a nice little rose. If you wanted to make it a long stem, I'd suggest simply using two green pipe cleaners twisted together for the stem and omit the loop at the bottom.

The view from the top of the rose.

Boo made 6 all by herself for her teachers for Valentine's Day.

Here's some of the 45 that I made. It took about 1 1/2 hours to make that many, in case you were wondering.
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