When I read the You Capture assignment for this week, I was instantly reminded of the movie Leap Year. One of the characters asks another what she would take with her if she had 2 minutes to grab things out of her burning home. It's an interesting question to ponder. The things I love the most are my family but I'm assuming that they would not count. So, object-wise, what do I love around my house... and why? There is no way I'd be able to take these things with me (one of them is a ceiling!) but they all do have special meaning to me. I tried to do some different angles and more artsy photos so that there aren't too many boring photos.

Up first is my new washer. It can wash many more things much more quickly than my old one and it's such a pretty blue color! Plus, it is Energy Star efficient and uses significantly less water than my old one too.

This is the dresser that my dad lovingly made for me before I was born. I pulled the drawer out so that you can see the dove-tail joints that have held it together for more than 32 years. I still use it every day and appreciate the reminder that my dad loves me every time I open the drawers.

This is the ceiling in my youngest's room. When I first painted it, it was still the nursery for my eldest. The entire ceiling is light blue with sponged clouds. It took me 2 days to complete but there is nothing better than laying on the floor and enjoying the feeling of spring during the long, dreary days of winter.

Following the painted ceiling is the painted curtains that my sister-in-law and I painted to match the wall paper border (bottom insert) for my oldest daughter's room. We did this about 7 years ago but it's still fun to see. I will probably have to part with them soon as Boo wants to redo her room for her birthday.

My piano. Although worn and a little teeny bit out of tune, this piano has many memories attached to it, from the dog singing along to the music that Boo plays so Bug and Ebabe can dance.

This is my family heritage photo wall. Family history is very interesting to me and having this area of old photos in my home helps me to remember that we are a part of something bigger. It's also fun to trace certain traits in my children back through their ancestors!

The air hockey table. We purchased this at a garage sale a few years ago for something like $20. I played air hockey at the local arcade all as often as I could when I was in high school. I still love playing and having an air hockey table in the basement just makes me feel good! Ridiculous, right?!

And finally, these goblets were the ones that Chip and I used at our wedding. Purchased at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, the two dragons entwine to form a heart. I love the blue crystal, the pewter dragons and the way that the two cups seem incomplete without each other.
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  1. Heidi Says:

    Oh my goodness those goblets are just so beautiful. Dragons featured in my You Capture as well!

  2. H-Mama Says:

    I, too, enjoyed all the stories that went along with the pictures. How wonderful to have such treasured items to enjoy for years to come.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What a creative family you are! Awesome new washing machine too. I am slightly jealous :)

  4. Unknown Says:

    Oh, why didn't I think of the washing machine? I do love it! And the dishwasher too, now that I think about it. I love the piano picture. Great perspective.

  5. Jess Says:

    Your piano picture rocks! I love the green/blue cast on the ends of the black keys. Great work.

  6. Colleen Says:

    I love the piano picture. It looks so loved.

  7. Sara Says:

    Yes, really nice job on the piano picture! This looks like a scrapbooking page in the making! I can't believe it's been that long since we painted those curtains. Still looking good, but yeah I can see why Abby is ready for a new bedroom theme.

  8. Unknown Says:

    Just stopping by from You Capture to take a peek inside your life and leave some comment love.

  9. I just love the shot of the piano. Great stories for each photo. =)

  10. T.J. Says:

    These pictures are so expressive! I'm jealous of your front load washer ;0!

  11. Unknown Says:

    Nicely done! Good photos, interesting stories, very nice! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Unknown Says:

    I love your pictures of the things you love in your home! that washer is AMAZING! So totally jealous! : ) I also love your dresser your dad made. That is so special! Your paintings are lovely. I can't imagine how long it took to do your daughters bedroom! WOW!

  13. Lena Says:

    I am drooooling over your washing machine!
    Wonderful captures, I love the wall of old pictures mixed in with the new.
    And those goblets are gorgeous.

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