Do you ever feel that the crafts you do never quite turn out the way everyone else's do? That's how I felt when I tried to make snow globe soaps, which I spied a short time ago on Alpha Mom. (click to get the directions)

Here's the best of our lot... not too bad, but certainly not as cute as Alpha Mom's. I'm guessing that if we do this again, we will have a better outcome now that we've learned a bit more about what works and what doesn't. Keep reading for my tips to make your try turn out a little better.

I had the kids help me grate the ivory soap and stir the glycerin. They also added the color and scent and helped pour the glycerin into the ice cube tray.

I used my Craft Robo to cut out tags and had the kids wrap the soap in cling wrap and personalize the tags. We're using these as teacher gifts for church and school.

Some tips if you try this yourself:

  • Only use one drop of color... really! It might not look as dark as you think it should but it will be dark enough! The picture below shows the varying colors as we learned how much to use with each batch.

  • Use solid plastic items to put inside. We used little gifts which were wrapped in some sort of colored foil and see through snowflakes. The colors on the foil bleed into the glycerin and you can't really see the snowflakes. (see above photo)
  • If you can't figure out where to find items that would fit in the ice cube tray, try the doll house furniture section of your local craft store.
  • Add the glitter after the glycerin has cooled a little bit, just before you pour it. We added ours almost as soon as it came out of the microwave and it didn't spread through the entire globe as much as I'd hoped.
  • Put only a few flakes of Ivory in the tray and make sure it is completely covered by the clear glycerin. If you do more, the flakes will be loose when the soap is finished and it doesn't look quite as nice (as shown below!).

I hope that you and your family enjoy this project as much as we did!
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  1. Sara Says:

    These are adorable! Love the reindeer in them. Very magical! Nice work!

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