About a year ago, I stumbled across several articles about life after the Chernobyl accident. Though the official death toll stands around 30, the number of people impacted by the radiation are in the hundreds of thousands. One site, Elena Filatova's, was very powerful - both in imagery and in words. She has compiled several photo essays (the photo here is from her work) including Ghost Town & Land of the Wolves (travelogues from 2003-2005). There are some more recent images from 2007 and some of 2008 in Pluto's Realm.

It's interesting to see how much radiation is still there - more than 20 years later. Nature is slowly working to correct for the radiation that has poisoned so much of the area.

Anyway, take a few minutes and, well (enjoy seems like the wrong word) explore the healing and scarring.

One last thing. Take a look at these Chernobyl photos on the BBC site. Compare those ruins to these flickr photos of abandoned Detroit. Eerie similarities...
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