Over the years I've made several autograph books for the girls.
First there was Boo's Princess Book made out of several lunch-sized paper bags (the paper clips on the side are attached to cards that the characters signed):

Bug's Book was Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse themed made the same way:

Then came the book for Sesame Place last summer, made from a 7 Gypsies board book:

For our Disney trip this year, I decided we had enough little books lining the shelves. I debated several ideas, finally settling on the one suggested by my friend Jenni - pillowcases.

Using my Craft Robo, a Disney-esque font, some contact paper and fabric paint, I put the words "Disney Dreaming" on the wide edge.

Several people (including cast members!) asked me where I bought the cool pillowcases.

Then I had the kids put their own autograph and year on the other wide edge. We had the characters sign with Crayola brand fabric markers. We tried to make the fabric taut using cardboard and rubberbands, then cardboard and knots. Finally we settled on cardboard and chip clips!

Here's [one of] the final product[s].

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  1. Jenni Says:

    Those turned out well...you got alot more autographs than we did...we didnt really look though, we 'happened upon'.

    And those autograph books are really cute!!

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