So, after biting down on something that shouldn't have been bitten last month, Bug lost her wiggly tooth on Sunday. We were driving in the car to a family Christmas celebration in Michigan when she called to me and said her tooth had gotten really wiggly. I looked back and her mouth was covered in blood. She wanted us to stop the car and pull out the tooth. At a gas stop, Chip tried to pull it out but didn't think it was quite ready. When we got to the family party, she was afraid to eat because she didn't want to swallow her tooth like her Uncle Matt did when he was little so she asked her Uncle Mike to pull it out. (Uncle Mike had pulled my nephew's tooth out while there were here for Christmas.) He couldn't get it out either and told her it was ok to eat. A few bites later and she handed us her tooth with a big grin. Tooth number 1 - age 4!
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  1. Sara Says:

    Congratulations Bug! Glad you didn't swallow your tooth like Uncle Matt. Although, he swallowed his and he turned out just fine! :)

  2. Mommasaurus Says:

    What a great photo of you, Bug! So, what do you think of the tooth fairy?! See you soon! Love, Grandma E.

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