So, while it may seem that I have taken a leave of absence here on the blog, I have still been busy. Several of my recent projects are Christmas gifts, and since family is a large part of the audience of this blog, it doesn't seem right to post them now. So, come January, there will be few Christmas present projects to read about. In the meantime, hang in there with me for a few decoration and Christmas snack/food ideas!

One of those decorating ideas came to me while shopping for fabric at JoAnn's. In the holiday aisle there was a garland made from what looked like pipe cleaners. I decided that we could make one for less money and more fun. I was right about the fun... Money-wise, it was a wash. I let Bug pick out two packs of pipe cleaners in the colors of her choice. I was leaning toward the really bright(almost neon) colors but she chose some very subtle ones.
Here's what we got:
I cut each of the pipe cleaners in half and we wove them through each other (like a paper chain) twisting the ends around each other so they weren't sharp. We ended up with about 20 feet of chain. Almost the perfect amount to wrap around our tree! The girls are very proud to have made such a cool decoration!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Beeeautiful!! Truly, the colors were the right pick after all!

  2. Mommasaurus Says:

    These chains were even prettier in real life!! Your tree was gorgeous!

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