Here are a few more gifts that I made for the kids.
This is a felt pencil case (complete with Cars pencils) made for my nephew. My friend JL sent me a how-to link to this Martha Stewart craft. Nice and easy.

Next up is a skirt for Bug. My friend K helped with the sewing on this one during a church craft night. I used this tutorial from Grand Revival Designs.

The next one gave me some trouble. I had originally wanted to use this tutorial from House on Hill Road. I had the pink and white striped fabric matched with a green material. Unfortunately, after I was 1/2 way through, I realized that the green material was just too stretchy to use. So, I cut it off and bought some green cotton fabric. Brought it home, washed it and cut it then remeasured it and realized that the material was about 4 inches too short. Thinking that the fabric must have shrunk in the wash, I bought the green and white polka dot fabric. Once home, I measured it to cut and after much consternation, realized that the tutorial didn't mention that the fabric needed to be 60" wide. Then I called my mom and asked her to help me tailor the other tutorial of a larger size. This is the result, a skirt for my 9 year-old niece.

I'll have a few more that I can show you on Christmas after the gifts are opened and a few more that won't be revealed until we celebrate Christmas with my parents in about a week.
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  1. Unknown Says:

    I had no idea you made those! :) Nice blanket stitch along the sides!

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