Although I enjoy making Christmas cookies, I have realized in the last few years that I don't really like having the girls use cutters to make them. It's just too messy and too much work to roll the dough out and have them only use the center! This year I came across the cutest, easiest Christmas cookies at Little Birdie Secrets and was inspired!

We changed a few things, used the cookie dough that I bought from the preschool, and had a good time decorating them (with a bit of snitching candy in between!).

They are just sugar cookies coated with white frosting and decorated to look like snowmen. We used licorice for the smile and the top of the ear muffs, gummy lifesavers for the ear coverings, M&Ms for the eyes and candy corn for the nose. Very easy, very non-messy, very tasty!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    CUTE! I'm assuming the dough came in a cylindrical all you had to do was cut and bake them? The girls did a nice job! You, too, of course! Is the candy what Kady cracked a tooth on????

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