No, we did not get hit with another tornado...
No, we were not repainting...

We finally bit the bullet and decided to get new windows. We contracted through Feldco to get 32 new windows put in. Our appointment was on Thursday and Friday of last week. One Thursday, they took out all the old windows, installed all the new ones and capped & caulked most of the new windows. The crew stored their caulk and some metal caps in our garage and told us they'd be back at 9 am the next day.

Well, 9 came and went. So did 11, 2, 4... they never showed up and never called. Chip called them 3 times on Friday and again on Saturday morning. No one ever called back. Finally he managed to get someone who told him that our appointment was scheduled for Saturday at 1. Now we had other plans at 1 on Saturday but Chip was able to stay home (and give Ebabe a chance to nap). They finished at 5:30. There are a few problems (we have one window that has grids and one that has a full screen... a few dings and dents but they look pretty good). By the way, after much discussion with some managers at Feldco, Chip managed to get a $295 discount for having to take a day off and them not showing up. They wouldn't have done anything if he hadn't been so persistent! Good job hon!

Here's the new window on the outside without the capping done.

Here's the final product in my laundry room!

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