So after the last cooking misadventure, I decided I would try to use the dehydrator to make fruit roll ups. The dehydrator had a similar recipe to the one I used before so I mixed up one quart of strawberries, 1 Tbsp of orange juice and 1 Tbsp of local honey, then spread it out evenly on the roll-up tray in the dehydrator. I ended up covering a few other trays with plastic wrap to put the mixture on.

The recipe said it would take about 8-10 hours for the right consistency. Yeah, right. After 15 hours, the edges were a bit over done and the inside was still liquidy. I turned it off for the night and turned it on again the next morning for about 2 more hours. Most of the roll-up seemed very crispy when I first pulled them out. I stored them overnight in an old pizza box. Somehow being in the box rehydrated them enough so that they were almost the perfect consistency! I've cut them into strips and rolled them up & bagged them to put in the snack sack (where the kids select their afternoon snacks!). The photo is of the last one before it was devoured by the kids! (Sorry about the coloring of the pic! The roll-ups were a dark reddish color when complete.)

I think I might add a bit more honey next time to see if that will help set it faster and maybe make it just a little bit sweeter.
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