Today was the first University of Michigan football game of the season. New coach, new players, new moves... new clothes!!!

I spent the day sewing twirl skirts for the girls, using the tutorial at Kuky Ideas. Actually, I cut the fabric for these before the Olympics began but we were pretty busy during the games and I didn't get much sewing done. Once the skirts were done, I put together a couple of headbands following the pattern at Old Red Barn. I also made a ribbon t-shirt for Boo to go with her skirt. It makes a nice little outfit.
I also used some leftover ribbon to make a ribbon headband (pattern here).

The girls are now officially ready for U of M to win next weekend, since they didn't this week... It must be because the girls outfits weren't done.

Can't tell we're fans or anything, can you?!
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  1. Jenni Says:

    Skirts are cute-- except for the fabric!

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