Today while Daddy was helping someone build a deck, we decided to make some custom t-shirts. This is what the final product looks like. This was an easy project with pretty good results.

To make your own, you need:

  • a t-shirt (pre-washed)
  • fabric paint
  • flip-flops or other shoes with interesting tread
  • contact paper
  • foam paint brush

Draw or print out the pattern you'd like to put on your shirt. We used Mickey Mouse profile clip art and resized it to fit each shirt. Cut it out and then trace it on the contact paper. Cut out the pattern on the contact paper, being sure to keep the outside edge neat. The "frame" is the part you are going to use, not the actual picture. Place a piece of cardboard inside of the t-shirt to keep the paint from soaking through. Next, carefully adhere the contact paper "frame" onto the t-shirt.

Next, put a smock on your children or yourself to prevent accidentally painting your shirt! Then, apply fabric paint to the bottom of the flip-flop with the foam paint brush. You want enough paint to make a pattern but not so much that the pattern is gloppy.

Gently stamp the flip-flop onto the pattern, pushing down to make sure the paint is transferred.

This is what Bug's looked like when she was done. She chose to make a mismash pattern instead of trying to line up the lines.

Boo didn't like the pattern that was emerging so she decided to paint the entire area black. She couldn't get the brush to paint across the fabric so she pushed it up and down, using the foam as a sponge to distribute the paint.

This is how Boo's turned out.

Allow the shirts to dry for about 2 hours, then gently peel off the contact paper. That's it. You need to follow the directions on the paint container as far as total drying time and first washing instructions.

For Ebabe's shirt, I used the treads on her Crocs. It has a very safari look! You can also use the treads of any toy cars you may have on hand. The paint washes off pretty well if you do it immediately after you are done with your project.

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  1. Jenni Says:

    This is really cute...I may have to do this!

  2. Sara Says:

    Very neat idea! I like their different interpretations.

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